Originally released as a run of 50 cassettes on Econore Records in 2012 this release is 5 untreated solo cello improvisations recorded in different acoustic spaces to respond to and make use of varying natural ambience. 

Duane Pitre - Bridges

I first played in a Duane Pitre ensemble at a gig at St Giles in the Fields in London back in 2008 (photo here with me far left) and then again 4 years later for a performance of his 2012 album 'Feel Free' at Cafe OTO. For his 2013 album 'Bridges' Duane asked me to record a series of single cello notes and short varying phrases based around different pre-determined tuning systems (about 3 hours worth in total in the end) which he subsequently chopped up and arranged into the two longform pieces that form the album. I can't claim any credit for the fantastic end result but it was a fantastic project to be a part of. You can order the album from Duane's website.

Talvihorros - And It Was So

I played cello on  'Great Sea Monsters' from Talvihorros' label debut for Denovali Records. Can't really take much credit for it as it was only 4 notes but I feel lucky to have been a small part of an amazing album.  You can get it here.