Oliver Barrett is a musician and illustrator currently living in London.

Having played in various bands, Oliver has most recently put out several releases under his 'Petrels' moniker on various labels internationally including Denovali, Tartaruga, FUSE Editions and Patient Sounds.  As a composer he has had work commissioned by the BFI, London Word Festival and the Southbank Centre amongst others, and as a performer has played with artists ranging from Duane Pitre to Steve Beresford to Damo Suzuki.  A multi-instrumentalist, Oliver's musical practice ranges from solo electronics, acoustic improvisation, band work, and sound art, to orchestral arrangements and song, drawing influences from a broad spectrum.

As an illustrator, Oliver has done work for SxSW Festival, Contra Pop Festival, Cafe OTO, Wrong Music, Tartaruga Records, Brainlove Records as well as numerous gig posters for artists such as Ben Frost, Trouble Books, Eric Chenaux, and Loscil. His first book, 'The Nuckelavee' – a fully illustrated re-telling of an old Orcadian folktale – was released by Tartaruga Press in September 2015.

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 Photo by Laura Woodfield

Photo by Laura Woodfield

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