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Petrels at Feeërieën Festival

Denovali Records Label Night

Germany's Denovali Records – active since ’05 – deals in many styles: from improv to drones, indie, dark-jazz to modern composition. This year AB rolls out the red carpet for the label and invites/invited a series of artists from their stable including Carlos Cipa, Greg Haines, Saffronkeira and Poppy Ackroyd. Denovali is also the driving force behind the renowned Denovali Swingfest that took place this year in London and Berlin. They've put together an awesome triple bill for the Feeërieën.  

8:00 pm Petrels (uk)

Petrels is the alter-ego of Englishman Oliver Barrett, who now has two albums to his name: ‘Haeligewielle’ (’11) and the recently released concept album ‘Onkalo’. ‘Onkalo’ refers to a Finnish nuclear dumping site that is being built and is supposed to serve for 100,000 years. You could say: for just as long as humanity exists. Fans of Tim Hecker, Fennesz or Stars Of The Lid will feel right at home.  

9:00 pm Piano Interrupted (uk)

To hear Piano Interrupted is to fall for them, instantly. Starting out as a duo that intertwined piano sounds with electronica, this studio project soon evolved into a live quartet with cello and percussion. Their latest album ‘Two By Four’ – recorded with the assistance of Nils Frahm – balances on the fine line between minimalism, film soundtracks, glitch, ambient, post-rock, neo-classic and even jazz...  

10:00 pm  Bersarin Quartetti (de)

Germany's Bersarin Quartett is a huge find. Their music sounds like a cross between Stars Of The Lid (see: Adam Wiltzie of A Winged Victory For The Sullen), Bohren & Der Club Of Gore and The Cinematic Orchestra. Their albums are simply titled ‘I’ and ‘II’, but they write their name with a double T. Because Quartett just happens to be spelled like that in German and because Thomas – the illustrious man behind this project – only wants to identify his song titles in German. For us, the unadulterated pure splendour of Bersarin Quartett is so unearthly that it makes us queasy.  

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