Woodsmoke is the debut release from Glottalstop.

Sourced almost entirely from a collection of tape recordings dating back 20 years, the two long-form tracks that make up this LP are an exercise in slowbuild tension, unsettling claustrophobia, and dense textural collage. 

"Insanely awesome debut release from Glottalstop aka the Petrels dude, basking in an unsettling tape manipulated tension. Woodsmoke is fucking fantastic, two side long pieces that are dark as hell, the A side is super minimal and the B side cranks the horror volume to 11, the whole thing sounds like a haunted mansion coming to life to chill yer bones" - Anti-Gravity Bunny

"Glottalstop's Woodsmoke LP is frighteningly modern... The release has a noted haunted quality to it, making its cover (an abandoned, dreamed-up hut) feel more fitting with every listen. Woodsmoke is like entering a dead-silent forest and then waiting to hear noises emerge." - Impose Magazine

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