Working with regular collaborator, Simon Barraclough, I arranged several songs based on poems from his Sunspots project around melodies that Barracough wrote. The project had its premiere at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich in 2015, with projected films by Jack Wake-Walker.

“Simon Barraclough illuminates solar science with a poet’s gaze. His words conjure the epic journey of a photon from the Sun’s heart to the retina of the eye, the blaze of sunshine in a Van Gogh canvas or the daily slide of shadows over Stonehenge and Manhattan. Sunspots is a love letter from the third planet to its parent star.” – Dr Marek Kukula, Public Astronomer, Royal Observatory Greenwich

Below is an unused demo for one of the tracks – the finished version of this poem went in a different direction but this is an early attempt.

More information on the book.