Long overdue update

Pretty terrible at updating this. Planning on overhauling the whole site soon as I can but in the meantime I'm currently on tour with Greg Haines...

11.05.15 Münster (ger) - Westfälisches Landesmuseum

12.05.14 Bochum (ger) - Christuskirche

13.05.15 Utrecht (nl) - Hertz (10 Years Of Denovali)

14.05.15 Leuven (bel) - Stuk (10 Years Of Denovali)

15.05.15 Cologne (ger) - Köln Stadtgarten (10 Years of Denovali)

16.05.15 Hamburg (ger) - Golem

17.05.15 Berlin (ger) - Grüner Salon

19.05.15 Karlsruhe (ger) - Jubez

21.05.15 Hannover (ger) - Feinkost Lampe

22.05.15 Dresden (ger) - Scheune

23.05.15 London (uk) - Black Heart Camden (w/ Father Murphy)

EU tour with Talvihorros + Laid Eyes next week + new video

Just a quick one for those in the (admittedly, quite large) vicinity of Belgium, Germany or The Netherlands, I'll be playing a few dates alongside the awesome Talvihorros, with live visuals from the ever-excellent Laid Eyes.

Full dates and details below withing listings links where I could find them. Be great to see you if you're anywhere near any of the places we'll be coming to...

24.05.14 Utrecht (nl) - Le Guess Who May Day Festival
25.05.14 Brussels (bel) - LR6
26.05.14 Wuppertal (ger) - Galerie Grölle
27.05.14 Münster (ger) - SpecOps
29.05.14 Frankfurt (ger) - Institut für neue Medien
30.05.14 Leiden (nl) - The Generator
31.05.14 Kortrijk (bel) - cinePalace

Also, the artist Nicholas Mortimer has made an incredible short film based around the Petrels track 'Katharina-22b' from 'Mima'. It's called 'Attica 22 b' and you can watch it over on his website - strongly urged to do so as it's a beautiful piece of work and best viewed as large as possible.

Woodsmoke and Mima


The new Petrels album - 'Mima' - is now available for pre-order on LP/CD/Digital over on the Petrels bandcamp site.

There's also a limited amount of coloured vinyl (image to the left) - I only got a few of these through but if they've run out on bandcamp there should be some left in the Denovali store.

Press blurb: "Named after the semi-mystical automaton from Harry Martinson's long-form sci-fi poem 'Aniara', Mima builds on the retro-futuristic themes of Onkalo and delves deeper into ideas that lie between the twin poles of faith and uncertainty. Drawing inspiration from sources as wide-ranging as the Space Race, Angela Carter, early Cosmology, M. John Harrison, witchcraft, Iain M. Banks Culture novels, and the films of Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Mima is another immersive sonic landscape from Petrels - more interested in posing questions than providing easy answers."

You can have a listen to one of the tracks below:


The first Glottalstop album - 'Woodsmoke' - is also now out on Tartaruga Records and getting some nice reviews. Here's one from Anti-Gravity Bunny...

"Insanely awesome debut release from Glottalstop aka the Petrels dude, basking in an unsettling tape manipulated tension. Woodsmoke is fucking fantastic, two side long pieces that are dark as hell, the A side is super minimal and the B side cranks the horror volume to 11, the whole thing sounds like a haunted mansion coming to life to chill yer bones".

If that sounds like your kind of thing you can order the LP/Digital over on the Tartaruga Records site or take a listen to a couple of extracts below:

End of year

Seems like I haven't been updating this anywhere near as much as I'd planned. Sorry about that. 2014 resolution already quite clear-cut I think. Quite a lot of stuff has happened in that time in any case, so to round up as briefly as possible...


I added a new longform piece to the Petrels bandcamp page a couple of weeks back. Named after a group that my Grandad was a member of - he was a civil engineer - it's called 'The Silver Chimney Club' and is free to download.


Very pleased to announce the first release of a new project of mine - Glottalstop. The album's called 'Woodsmoke' - two long pieces assembled with cello, percussion and a collection of tape recordings dating back 20 years. It'll be released in an edition of 200 copies with screenprinted and hand-sewn sleeves on Tartaruga in January. You can listen to a bit of it and pre-order over on the Tartaruga website. "Woodsmoke, like the mysterious building depicted on the artwork, is out on its own, in the middle of the woods, and it's getting dark..."


Also, for those keeping track, I released two more albums of solo cello improvisations. The follow-up to 'Yowls', these are called 'Yauwls'  and 'Yuaols' and you can download both for free over on the Petrels bandcamp.


There's a new Petrels track - 'Hvor Var Du Da Brå Brakk Staven' - on the latest Pinmusik compilation, I did a remix for Max Cooper + Tom Hodge's new collaboration that you can listen to here, performed cello on Duane Pitre's latest album - 'Bridges', released the first EP of a new project with my friend Wayne Adams (Ladyscraper/Death Pedals) called Astrothrone, did a remix for the latest fantastic Brassica release - 'Hayat Zor', played a solo cello set at Cafe OTO as support for Duane Pitre that's now available as a free stream/download over on the Free Music Archive.

Also, Onkalo made number 5 in A Closer Listen's top album's of 2013, and also crept into Drowned in Sound's best ambient releases of the year too. Which was nice.

Think that's it for now.

Wat Tyler

Just posted a new release up on bandcamp - 'Wat Tyler'.  It's a single, longform piece utilising cello and electronics and you can download it for free. 

For those who don't know of Wat Tyler, he was a leader of the Peasants' Revolt in England in 1381.  Ostensibly a revolt against the poll tax, the movement was built on an undercurrent of a desire for social change and a demand for an end to the stiflingly limiting social structures of the time. Initially successful, the rebellion was abruptly cut short after Wat Tyler was murdered by the Mayor of London after Tyler supposedly insulted the young kind of England, Richard II during a parley.  A quick internet search will bring in a lot more detail than I'm going to go into here but its an interesting point in history and well worth reading up on.

I'm releasing it on June 14th as that's the anniversary of when the Peasants' Revolt marched on London 632 years ago, the day before Tyler was murdered (not a particularly auspicious anniversary but a neater one isn't going to come along for a while).   

I'm not going to make claims to a 22 minute instrumental track as a revelatory protest song.  But I will say that over 6 centuries on, a lot less has changed in the world than those involved in the Peasants' Revolt might have hoped.  Those without power do the labouring and the rich ride roughshod over everybody else.  Basically we could do with a lot more Wat Tylers and a lot less Kings and Mayors.  Here's hoping.

Presenting Astrothrone

New project! I've been talking with my friend Wayne (Ladyscraper/Death Pedals) about working together on something for years now but aside from a few production jobs and remixes we've never managed to get our act together til now.  Still, better late than never and hopefully was worth the wait as last night we just finished mixing the first two tracks of a new collaboration - Astrothrone.  Here's the first one...

For anybody who's only ever heard my Petrels stuff this might come as a bit of an unexpected change in direction but it feels really pretty good to be singing and writing song melodies again.  It's been 7 months since the last Bleeding Heart Narrative gig and I don't think I've sung anything since so this feels like its been gestating for a while now. More to come soon with any luck.

Bastardgeist and Mat Riviere

Just added a whole bunch of stuff to Floating Limb featuring various string arrangements, cello work and commissions over in the Other Projects section.  Two of the most recent of these additions are a couple of albums I'm massively proud to have been involved with.

First is Mat Riviere's 'Not Even Doom Music'.  Just from the perspective of somebody who loves his music it feels like I've been waiting for forever for this to come out after having played his debut - 'Follow Your Heart' - into the ground when it was released on Brainlove Records in 2010. I was lucky enough to play with Mat at the Brainlove Festival back in 2011 and Bleeding Heart Narrative did a short tour with him some time after that, after which Mat asked me to do some string arrangements for a bunch of new tracks.  I think I took too long with the first lot of these and I'm not sure what happened to them but thankfully Mat stuck with me.  I actually found coming up with string parts to Mat's stuff pretty tricky at first as the melody lines, rhythms and chords (basically everything) are all so stark and to the point that adding anything else on top, even if its just a simple 2-note cello part, felt kind of ludicrously decadent at first.  It took me a while to get the hang of finding places where the strings would work without ruining the bare bones of the tracks, all of which I loved from the start.  So I think the main challenge was dealing with the pressure of not wanting to fuck up Mat's writing.  Hopefully I didn't.  I'm pretty pleased with how it all came out in the end anyhow...


The other album that's just gone up for pre-order this week is 'Infinite Lives' by Chicago's 'Bastardgeist' (aka Joel Midden).  Joel's another artist who BHN were lucky enough to tour with (at least for a few dates before he unfortunately got deported but think that's all sorted out now) and I've been a massive fan of his stuff since John Brainlove passed me on a copy of the self-titled first Bastardgeist album.  Joel's got an incredible voice, is mesmerically good on the marimba (rare you get to type that phrase) and his music's got a kind of joyous melancholy that I find hard to place.  Anyhow, the new album's fantastic, I did strings for four of the tracks and the short vinyl run is currently on pre-order.  If you know what's good for you...



Flailing Tomb

I decided to finally get round to putting all of my various projects in one place. Here you'll find a cross spectrum of my creative work in music, visual art and film and I'll be aiming to add quite a bit to this over the coming weeks.  I'll also be updating the blog in an inevitably erratic fashion stumbling from bursts of giddily optimistic word cascades to lengthy spells of digitally cobwebbed absence.  But I'll try for more consistency than that. 

Thanks for taking a look.