End of year

Seems like I haven't been updating this anywhere near as much as I'd planned. Sorry about that. 2014 resolution already quite clear-cut I think. Quite a lot of stuff has happened in that time in any case, so to round up as briefly as possible...


I added a new longform piece to the Petrels bandcamp page a couple of weeks back. Named after a group that my Grandad was a member of - he was a civil engineer - it's called 'The Silver Chimney Club' and is free to download.


Very pleased to announce the first release of a new project of mine - Glottalstop. The album's called 'Woodsmoke' - two long pieces assembled with cello, percussion and a collection of tape recordings dating back 20 years. It'll be released in an edition of 200 copies with screenprinted and hand-sewn sleeves on Tartaruga in January. You can listen to a bit of it and pre-order over on the Tartaruga website. "Woodsmoke, like the mysterious building depicted on the artwork, is out on its own, in the middle of the woods, and it's getting dark..."


Also, for those keeping track, I released two more albums of solo cello improvisations. The follow-up to 'Yowls', these are called 'Yauwls'  and 'Yuaols' and you can download both for free over on the Petrels bandcamp.


There's a new Petrels track - 'Hvor Var Du Da Brå Brakk Staven' - on the latest Pinmusik compilation, I did a remix for Max Cooper + Tom Hodge's new collaboration that you can listen to here, performed cello on Duane Pitre's latest album - 'Bridges', released the first EP of a new project with my friend Wayne Adams (Ladyscraper/Death Pedals) called Astrothrone, did a remix for the latest fantastic Brassica release - 'Hayat Zor', played a solo cello set at Cafe OTO as support for Duane Pitre that's now available as a free stream/download over on the Free Music Archive.

Also, Onkalo made number 5 in A Closer Listen's top album's of 2013, and also crept into Drowned in Sound's best ambient releases of the year too. Which was nice.

Think that's it for now.