Woodsmoke and Mima


The new Petrels album - 'Mima' - is now available for pre-order on LP/CD/Digital over on the Petrels bandcamp site.

There's also a limited amount of coloured vinyl (image to the left) - I only got a few of these through but if they've run out on bandcamp there should be some left in the Denovali store.

Press blurb: "Named after the semi-mystical automaton from Harry Martinson's long-form sci-fi poem 'Aniara', Mima builds on the retro-futuristic themes of Onkalo and delves deeper into ideas that lie between the twin poles of faith and uncertainty. Drawing inspiration from sources as wide-ranging as the Space Race, Angela Carter, early Cosmology, M. John Harrison, witchcraft, Iain M. Banks Culture novels, and the films of Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Mima is another immersive sonic landscape from Petrels - more interested in posing questions than providing easy answers."

You can have a listen to one of the tracks below:


The first Glottalstop album - 'Woodsmoke' - is also now out on Tartaruga Records and getting some nice reviews. Here's one from Anti-Gravity Bunny...

"Insanely awesome debut release from Glottalstop aka the Petrels dude, basking in an unsettling tape manipulated tension. Woodsmoke is fucking fantastic, two side long pieces that are dark as hell, the A side is super minimal and the B side cranks the horror volume to 11, the whole thing sounds like a haunted mansion coming to life to chill yer bones".

If that sounds like your kind of thing you can order the LP/Digital over on the Tartaruga Records site or take a listen to a couple of extracts below: